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SAMSIStatistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences institute
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After a soulful rendition of Persian verses by Goudarzi, a livewire jugalbandi between Samsi and Kale had everyone in the audience, especially the older set, grooving to the rhythms.
In March 1930, he initiated discussions with the PNI central executive--Sartono, Iskaq and Samsi Sastrowidagdo--during which he argued for the dissolution of the PNI and the creation of a new party which while ostensibly working for economic and social improvement and not for Indonesian independence, would in practice be a continuation of the work of the PNI.
Another duo, Yogesh Samsi and Shahbaz Hussain, will perform tabla gharanas - a style of music - of Delhi and Punjab at the Nishkam Civic Association on March 12.
The '100 communities for 100% Renewable Energy' Award (isolated areas) was won by Samsi, Denmark, for its 'Danish renewable energy island concept'.
Tenders are invited for Gram Bharatpur Majre Samsi Se Dalaimau Tak Brick Soiling
Lopiano, who was a postdoctoral fellow at SAMSI during this past year's Data-Driven Decisions in Healthcare research program, learned about the power of simulation in healthcare through SAMSI-sponsored working groups.
Hari Prasad Chaurasia, classical instrumentalist on 'bansuri' - the Indian bamboo flute, Niladri Kumar, sitar player who innovated the 'zitar' a combination of sitar and guitar, Vikku Vinayakram, exponent of Carnatic music on the 'ghatam' or the earthen pot, Selva Ganesh, percussionist in the Carnatic tradition on 'kanjira' or South Indian drum, Sridhar Parthasarthy on 'Mridangam' and Ramkumar Mishra and Yogesh Samsi 'tabla' maestros.
19) Other nationalists named as members of this organization were Sartono (Buitenzorg), Dr Boentaran (Semarang), Dr Samsi (Surabaya),(20) Latuharhary and Soenarko (Malang).
As part of the Simons Public Lecture Series celebrating MPE2013 (the Mathematics of Planet 2013), SAMSI is hosting Dr.
This year's concert will be led by the world famous Ustad Shujaat Khan, who will be accompanied by master musicians such as Rahim Al Haj, Taufiq Qureshi, Patrick Possey, Yogesh Samsi, Michael Glenn, Firas Shahrstan and Manjari Chaturvedi performing the Sufi Kathak dance.