SAMWSummer Acoustic Music Week (Moultonborough, NH)
SAMWScottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (UK)
SAMWSub-Antarctic Mode Water
SAMWSouth Asian Media Wise (telecommunications)
SAMWSouth African Music Week
SAMWSeasonal, Agricultural, and Migratory Workers Program (California)
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The project will include two expeditions to the southeast Indian Ocean to identify, track, and study the SAMW.
Schweizerische Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften (1985) 'Medizinisch-ethische Richtlinien zu In-vitro-Fertilisation und Embryotransfer', Basel: SAMW.
The SAMW delegation also pointed out that, while they fully supported the application of high hygiene standards to meat production and processing, the cost of running MHS in recent years had ballooned out of all control.
SAMW president Allan Jess said: "While we appreciate that some meat inspection processes and economies have been addressed in recent months by the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS), we believe there is still considerable scope for the further streamlining of how the service operates and how it is costed.