SAMWUSouth African Municipal Workers' Union
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Samwu is demanding an 18% wage increase or 2,000 rand.
Sema said Samwu "had welcomed the commitment made by the ANC, to look into all areas of concern, raised by the union."
"While the SA Zionist Federation claims [the postponement] is due to travel issues, it is also as a result of the mounting pressure from pro human rights activists calling for her arrest," Tahir Sema, a SAMWU spokesman, said in a statement.
The first round of division occurred in the early 2000s, over SANCO's stance on the SAMWU and then COSATU-led protests against privatisation and other 'neoliberal' reforms, especially in the local state.
SAMWU is demanding a 15 per cent increase and said 70 per cent of council workers earn less than the R5,000 (pounds 386) monthly minimum wage it is demanding.
'to promote equality here at SAMWU and from there to take it to the whole nation.' (SAMWU stands for the South African Municipal Workers Union)
How do they link up with the militant unions like SAMWU? How do they broaden their movement into rural areas that are either marked by an absence of basic services or, when they do arrive, are commodified in a manner putting them out of reach of the intended consumers?
In an effort to have the men reinstated, Samwu took the issue to the Supreme Court but to no avail.
SAMWU and other critics of water privatization further question whether privatized water managers will seriously endeavor to provide water services to poor South Africans - which requires investments in new piping to reach communities not now served by the water system - or whether they will concentrate on serving the wealthier white South Africans who offer much higher marginal returns.
The South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU), for example, has "declared war" against the privatization of water and waste services and is preparing for mass action to ensure that the provision of basic services remains under public control and ownership.