SANBAGSan Bernardino Association of Governments
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SANBAG President Janice Rutherford said, "The groundbreaking and innovative public-private partnership between SANBAG and Ryder is helping reduce harmful emissions and our reliance on imported oil by providing the backbone infrastructure needed to spur the use of natural gas powered vehicles in the Inland Southern California region.
Scope of Work and/or Contract Exceptions SANBAG does not anticipate making substantive changes to its contract.
According to Deborah Barmack, SANBAG executive director, "It's important that companies like Ryder are developing product offerings to help customers make the transition to natural gas vehicles as easy as possible so they can tap into the predictability, cost-efficiency, and environmental benefits of alternative fuels.
Due to the leadership Ryder has established with the SANBAG project, the Company has also been able to expand its alternative fuel program outside of California and has already secured a lease agreement with customer, Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc.
Our participation in the SANBAG project puts Ryder at the forefront of alternative fuels options for commercial heavy-duty vehicles.