SANBISouth African National Biodiversity Institute
SANBISouth African National Bioinformatics Institute
SANBISouth African National Botanical Institute
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Through SABIF, SANBI is co-ordinating checklists for all animal species, with basic classifications and information on species authors, synonyms, endemism and threat status.
The publication will prominently showcase the zoological part of SANBI s work in addition to biodiversity information sourced via collaboration and networking.
The South African Biodiversity Information Facility (SABIF), a component of the Foundational Biodiversity Information Programme (FBIP), held a week-long training workshop at the SANBI offices in Cape Town on 2 - 6 Dec 2013.
SABIF and the FBIP are funded by the Department of Science and Technology and SANBI is responsible for developing and implementing their work programmes.
SANBI's appointment is particularly pertinent as SANBI works closely with national climate change policy makers, and has led national initiatives relating to climate change adaptation.
National Implementing Entities are the key bodies that will facilitate this direct access, with SANBI now responsible for this role in South Africa, in collaboration with South Africa's Designated Authority, the Department of Environmental Affairs.