SANBSSouth African National Blood Service
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To mitigate the risk posed by seronegative window period infections, SANBS performs routine individual donation NAT.
New data from SANBS reinforces 5 years of success preventing HIV and hepatitis transmission from donated blood.
SANBS is a non-profit organisation, which provides a vein to vein blood transfusion service in 8 of the 9 provinces in SA.
Sensitivity of NAT Options: The SANBS Experience, South African National Blood Service (SANBS).
At no point does SANBS suggest that high-risk sexual practices are exclusive to the gay community, hence the self-exclusion questionnaire's comprehensive set of questions regarding various sexual activities and practices.
1 gives the prevalense rate of HIV among SANBS donors.
According to the 2009 2013 SANBS tariffs for blood chromosomal analysis, the total cost of these tests amounted to ZAR1 174 734.
As with the SANBS, routine measurement of ferritin levels is not performed.
The SANBS uses the copper sulphate specific gravity method for primary screening --it is cheap and easy, and widely used in blood centres worldwide.
In 80/144 cases blood was generated from processing, equating to a total of 55 735 ml, which is the equivalent of 186 units of RCC from the SANBS.
Following the publicity surrounding the expose of the allegedly 'racist' practices of the SANBS, the Minister of Health ordered the SANBS to treat blood donated by all South Africans in the same manner.