SANCSouth African Nursing Council (Pretoria, South Africa)
SANCSchlitz Audubon Nature Center (Milwaukee, WI)
SANCSingapore Article Number Council
SANCSystems Approach for Nursery Certification (agriculture; UN)
SANCSouth African National Committee
SANCSouth African Native Congress
SANCSignaling Area Network Codes
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[16] While the SANC Code of Ethics for Nursing Practitioners [17] was promulgated in May 2013, the Nurses' Pledge of Service [18] as mandated by the SANC to be taken by all nurses is nearly 50 years old.
Diex son veissel li aportoit Dios le llevaba su vaso Ou son sanc requeillu avoit.
"I believe that the human being and the quality of life will be enriched once the self / geo / political consciousness will be fully integrated into an ecological mind of a new identity of a Man reborn." (Marilena Preda Sanc)
For example, the watercolour The Damsel of the Sanc Grael (1857), that was later transformed into the well-known oil canvas The Lady of the Sanc Grael (1874).
20 (SUNA) The Secretariat General of the Council of the African Political Parties has commended the historical stance of South Africa's National Congress party (SANC) to withdraw from the Rome Statute.
SOUTH AFRICA: 1[female] Nylsvley Nature Reserve, 24[degrees]39'S 28[degrees]42'E, 20-21.ii.1979, Mansell, collected by sweeping grass (SANC); 1[male] 20 km SE Loskopdam, 25[degrees]22'S 29[degrees]35'E, 9-13.ii.1981, van Tonder & Kok (SANC); 2[female] Loskopdam Nat.
The move appears to be linked to the U.S decision in May to lift sanc tions on the export of a variety of consumer communications devices and software and serv ices including mobile phones to Iran.
Dr Evans, who by now was taking an increasingly active part, was invited to attend a meeting of the Steering Committee of the SANC on 26 March 1957, where the mater was discussed further.