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SANDERSimulated Annealing with Nmr (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)-Derived Energy Restraints
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Sanders, who, from certain wistful glances at the little tin saucepan, seemed to be engaged in a mental calculation of the probable extent of the pettitoes, in the event of Sam's being asked to stop to supper.
Sanders volunteered to humour him, so she took a slight sip out of her glass.
The rent of the workshop and bedrooms, and Watson's wages of nine dollars a week, were being paid by Sanders and Hubbard.
Sanders and Hubbard had never done more than pay his room-rent and the expense of his experiments.
* If you use the belt sander to sand metal, you'll create sparks, which can start a fire if they mix with the sawdust in the machine and the dust bag.
A I hate to disagree with your gunsmith but you can sand a stock with an orbital sander. I have done it and I've seen others do it as well.
Sander reiterated that the city's congestion-pricing plan would provide a steady revenue stream for improving transportation through the MTA's capital-projects plans.
Also known as a finishing sander, palm sanders are easy to handle.
"Sarah Sanders is a tremendous talent and battle-tested warrior who has devoted countless hours to the service of our nation.
Of Sanders' total wealth, $1.3 million is tied-up in his homes; $500,000 in cash investments and $700,000 in government pensions.