SANDFSouth African National Defence Force
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On the question of exit strategies and entry and exit criteria, the SANDF has accumulated valuable experience both in Operation BOLEAS (Lesotho) and Operation FIBRE (Burundi).
Furthermore, while South Africa lexically took human security and state security to be equally important, in practice the SANDF tended to prioritise state security ahead of human security both at home and abroad.
No extra-ordinary operational preparedness was done by the SANDF in view of the reported situation in South Africa.
Essentially, it either needs to properly fund the ambitious regional involvements that the government has currently committed the SANDF to, or, it needs to scale back the military's commitments so that they match existing funding levels.
The employed members of the SANDF will assist with capacity building of the CAR Defence Force and will also assist CAR with the planning and implementation of the disarmament, demobilisation and re integration processes," the statement continued.
In purely military terms, however, the SANDF has been less successful.
On 19 May 1994, the AIDS Law Project wrote a letter to the Minister of Defence questioning the constitutionality of the SANDF policy of excluding individuals from recruitment into the SANDF solely on the basis of their HIV status.
From the outset it was clear that the SAPS did not have the human resources to ensure the deployment of the same force levels which was feasible for the SANDF.
Being HIV-negative is a pre-requisite to gain employment in SANDF," SASFU deputy president Charles Jacobs said.
Lekota's urgency about this matter may be related to tensions in the SANDF, whose members are not bound by the AA legislation as are ordinary public servants.
The SANDF vehemently opposed the idea of a procurement program based upon collateral activities (such as peacekeeping, transnational crime, or disaster relief).
Focusing on the telecommunications market in Africa, both in the surrounding territories as well as Africa North, Telequip has successfully implemented projects for Sentech, South African Broadcasting Corporation, Botswana Broadcasting Corporation, Multichoice, SANDF, Transtel, Vodacom, MTN, Lesotho Ministry of Communications and Orbicom.