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SANDRESécrétariat National des Données Relatives à l'Eau (French: National Data Reference Centre for Water)
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- en ete : la sardine, le lieu noir, le maquereau, le merlu, le rouget barbet, le turbot, la sandre, la plie...
Fish lovers shouldn't miss the local speciality, Filet de Sandre (pikeperch), usually served in the classic Beurre Blanc sauce.
En Catalogo de reglamentos de agua en Mexico siglo xx, coordinado por idem., Israel Sandre y Benito Rodriguez: 1-40.
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Assembly Bill 508, sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandre Swanson (D-Alameda), who chairs the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment, is supported by the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, and California Teamsters Public Affairs Council.
One of the underlying threads in She's So Fine is how British and American girls negotiated gender, not least in their performance of femininity, and Patricia Juliana Smith's chapter on "Brit Girls" Lulu, Cilla Black, and Sandre Shaw highlights differences in their presentation of gendered identity, "grown-up, yet hip, giving the impression of independence." (9) According to Smith, these singers were "ordinary girls ...
Quan, who has the support of Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, labor unions and non-profits criticized the refusal of the police to pay 9% toward their pensions like other city employees.
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I met with Sandre for lunch and I felt completely at comfortable with her.
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