SANEISouth Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes (Global Development Network; Pakistan)
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We suspect the government may have targeted at least some of them because of their peaceful political or religious activities," Sanei said.
If the imam's order was carried out, the further insults in the form of caricatures, articles and films would not have taken place," the Telegraph quoted Sanei, as saying.
Using atomic absorption spectrometry, Sanei and his colleagues found up to a four-fold increase in the mercury content of the sediments immediately after the eruptions.
The three men, Yousef Sanei, Asadollah Bayat-Zanjani and Ali Mohammad Dastgheib Shirazi, have all criticized the regime and its repression of the protests that irrupted in the wake of the disputed presidential elections in 2009.
With the exception of Ayatollahs Sanei and Mousavi-Ardebili who issue anti-regime proclamations, the conservative clerics remain silent, even though they oppose the regime.
Be it Arab women at an Amnesty International rally, silent protesters in Taipei, Asia, or a free workshop in Persian calligraphy with Iranian artist Mitra Sanei at Splott Library in Cardiff, the raft of global activities is designed to recognise the growing opportunities for women, as well as their struggles across the world.
Analysts in Qom expected Ayat Yusef Sanei to attract the followers of Montazeri.
Dreamed up by Amir Sanei while waiting in a hospital corridor for the birth of his fifth child, thoughts turned quickly to the family's next self-build summer installation.
The center is also a hub for various websites dedicated to spreading the views of more than 50 high-ranking clerics, mostly reformist ulama who include senior figures like Montazeri and Yosuf Sanei.
The French news agency AFP on May 12 quoted two of Iran's most senior dissident Shiite religious men, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri and Grand Ayatollah Yusef Sanei, as hitting hit out at the theocracy, accusing hardliners of failing to deliver on revolutionary promises of fundamental freedoms.
Border guard commander Brigadier General Mohammed Sanei said: "Currently all eastern borders are closed and refugees are barred from entering Iran.