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SANERSouth African Network for Economic Research
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To learn more about SecPod's Saner Business solution, please visit our product page.
SecPod s Saner Business solution tackles these requirements head-on.
Cozier and saner is better than massive and wasteful, but that doesn't mean dads should have to wait hours to gain access to the shower.
Saner, who was the head of military intelligence at the time of the coup, testified to Ankara 13th High Criminal Court at the 34th hearing of the Feb.
Having taken the controlling influence of alcohol out of her life with absolutely no professional help at all, she is a much saner person.
About threats of American or Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear installations' Larijani said no saner element can think about such a dangerous proposition.
dagger][dagger] OEHLEY, Michael The 4 Powers of Daren Saner Scholastic, 2010 336pp NZ$18.
Over Christmas, the saner EDL members were having second thoughts.
On Thursday, November 11, at 5:15 pm, learn how good choices are the foundation of living a happier, healthier, saner life in the ONS Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) Conference keynote address.
Maguire, "Hierarchy, Sex and Power," he praises former Cardinal Ratzinger in what he calls "his younger and saner period" for his wise commentary on the Second Vatican Council.
has recognized several new Certified Machine Tool Sales Engineers (CMTSEs) including independent Michael Conroy and seven from the Hartwig organization: Jim Copeland, Stephen Draper, Bryon Nance, Micky Petersen, Dodge Saner, Aric Vonasek, and Brad Young.
This deregulated capitalist system was described as "the politics of the madhouse" by Arthur Scargill, who pointed to a saner socialist alternative.