SANFSurya Artha Nusantara Finance (Indonesia)
SANFSouthern African News Features (news source)
SANFSouth African Ninjitsu Federation (martial arts group)
SANFSouth African Nature Foundation
SANFSleep at Night Factor (financial security)
SANFSynthetic Atrial Natriuretic Factor
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A significant drop in contribution from ASF, FIF and SANF to Astra International in terms of credit sales could result in negative rating action.
The ratings on ASF, FIF and SANF are also sensitive to changes in Astra International's credit profile, which Fitch views as better than those of its subsidiaries; any significant change to the parent would be likely to lead to a review of the subsidiaries' ratings.
For SANF, a significant increase of its strategic importance to Astra International - likely caused by higher ownership by Astra International, and common group branding or a significant increase in SANF's contribution to Astra International in growing the group's franchise - may result in positive rating action.
The propagation of the bacteriophages (SA, SANF and SA2) and their activity by spot tests against the isolated strains was performed according to already published work (Bibi et al.
To determine the lytic activity of phages (SA, SANF and SA2) on the growth rate of host bacterial strain (RP), 24 h old bacterial culture (100 uL) was added in four flasks containing 50 mL of sterilized LB broth.
The effect of phage (SA, SANF and SA2) antibacterial activity on the bacterial growth was tested in commercial pasteurized milk at 25degC and 37degC, at multiplicity of infection (MOI; the ratio of phage concentration/bacterial concentration) of 100.
The major functions of Rupert's SANF were: to identify high-priority conservation projects within a large-scale strategic framework; purchase land for conservation; carry out fund-raising and distribution of funds; and initiate education and training.
Since the SANF was founded by one of the leaders in commerce and industry, the Afrikaans-speaking business tycoon Anton Rupert, it was natural that its main target for fundraising would be the business sector.
In 2007, funds used by SANF came from banks in the form of joint financing.
SANF has 9 branches including 3; in Sumatra, 2 in Java and 4 in Kalimantan, also located in provincial cities.
Because of its late completion, the RN used it as a stores depot until the SANF moved there from 1948 onwards.
The first notable flag showing visit of the then SANF was in August-September 1948, when all three Loch class frigates visited ports in Angola and the Belgian Congo, while two months later one of the frigates and two minesweepers visited Mozambique.