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SANGSaudi Arabian National Guard
SANGSuitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (UK)
SANGSelfridge Air National Guard base (Michigan)
SANGSuitable Accessible Natural Greenspace (UK)
SANGSeattle Acoustic Neuroma Group (Seattle, WA)
SANGSan Antonio Needlework Guild (San Antonio, TX)
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The street boys sang 'Tra-la-la-la-la, and the Emperor sang too sometimes.
And as she sang the blood flowed quicker and quicker in the Emperor's weak limbs, and life began to return.
When the meal was done the minstrels sang, while proud and humble alike listened eagerly.
"This," says the old historian, who tells the story in Latin, "is the sense, but not the words in order as he sang them in his sleep.
She no longer sang as a child, there was no longer in her singing that comical, childish, painstaking effect that had been in it before; but she did not yet sing well, as all the connoisseurs who heard her said: "It is not trained, but it is a beautiful voice that must be trained." Only they generally said this some time after she had finished singing.
Billy sang a lugubrious song of many stanzas about a cowboy, the refrain of which was, "Bury me out on the lone pr-rairie."
Saxon sang in a clear, true soprano, thin but sweet, and she was aware that she was singing to Billy.
And as men have ever desired the dust of the poppy and the juice of the hemp, so Jerry desired the joys that were his when Villa Kennan opened her arms to him, embraced him with her hair, and sang him across time and space into the dream of his ancient kind.
"No," answered Varenka with a smile, laying her hand on the music, "no, let's have that one." And she sang it just as quietly, as coolly, and as well as the others.
All night long she sang with her breast against the thorn, and the cold crystal Moon leaned down and listened.
Eva looked with wonder on their gay faces and bright garments, and in the joy of her heart sang too, and threw crimson fruit for the little folks to feast upon.
At last the fairy came back and sang with a hoarse voice: