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SANGATSouth Asian Network of Gender Activists and Trainers
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Set up in June last year, Ekta Sangat Ladies' Group is a social support and healthy living group for elderly, vulnerable and isolated Asian women living in Bilston and the surrounding area.
The Chief Minister further said that the Sangat Darshan program has proved to be a boon for understanding the problem of every village in an apt manner, for its early resolution.
Sangat TV's dramatic unedited footage of the riots in August 2011 lead Prime Minister David Cameron to hail its contribution as "an example of a media company's commitment to social responsibility" in an address to a special House of Commons session.
AT CHAPTER Arts Centre the Sangat series continues with the Voices of Partition: Women and Partition tomorrow.
In Malay, the phrase sangat hitam (the words separately mean "very" and "black") translate in the vernacular (not literally) as "ugly.
Mr Singh, a high profile public figure and the Punjab chief of Rashtriya Sikh Sangat (RSS), died a fortnight after being shot outside his home.
20) Key Social Marketing's community workers provide information on contraceptive methods to low-income women through Mohalla Sangat (women's group meetings at the community level).
The target killing of Juma Khan Shahwani and his son at Dilbandin on 20th July, were the worst ever examples of government's ineptness and helplessness, and demanded immediate recovery of abducted Sana Sangat Baloch and assassins responsible for killing of Shahwani tribals.
The sangat , or the collective of Hindu organizations, contributed to make the marriages possible.
Untuk menentukan sebuah kebijakan, keberadaan data adalah sangat penting, oleh karena itu perlu semua data diarsipkan, disajikan, dicetak, digandakan dan didistribusikan kepada berbagai pihak yang berkompeten.
The age span for the category of children is very wide (0-18 year) "dimana kondisi psikologis dan kemampuan kognitifnya sangat berbeda.
Soon after, as noted by Kulvinder, the sangat (7) started renting the basement of a church to pray and socialize every Sunday.