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SANISouth African Nanotechnology Initiative
SANISouth Australian Neuroscience Institute
SANIState Aid Notifications Interactive (EU)
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Major General Farhat Abbas Sani said the participation and interest of general people especially the youth in sports competition arranged by Pasban was a clear message to the enemies of peace that people were much courageous and united against the anti-state elements.
The Sani Awards(TM) award program welcomes nominations of foodservice establishments (5 unit minimum) as well as the individuals responsible for program implementation.
Major General Farhat Abbas Sani inaugurated the monument to commemorate the Martyrs of Pak Fizaya at Queen Road with the name of M.
The government and parliament should study the text (of the agreement) precisely," Mohseni Sani told FNA at the time.
Located near Sani Marina, Sani Beach Hotel is a great spot to experience the glamour of this luxury yachting venue.
The force's first commander will be a Nigerian and the position will then rotate annually among members, Sani said.
Sani said there are various investment opportunities for Qatari Companies in South Africa especially in the infrastructure sector.
If not, we are going to build something else at the Skopje airport," said Sani Sener, TAV Holding's CEO.
Nisar Ahmad Sani, Director PDMA, Punjab highlighted the importance of capacity building of the PDMA structure.
You'll have realised by now that Sani is big, very big.
By taking steps to create a new Web site and online marketing plan, Sani Tech Environmental will be able to reach out effectively to those prospective customers who rely on the Internet for information about local businesses.
Qatari Prime Minister Abdullah bin-Nasser Khalifa Al Sani welcomed Erdoy-an and accompanying delegation at the airport with an official ceremony.