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To aid the Anderson Committee, the SANL planted a mole, Sallie Connelly, in the CCG's home office in New York.
Even as the SANL was helping the Anderson Committee, its investigators were doing the same for the federal government in the trial of more than thirty right-wing defendants for sedition under the Smith Act (Waring 1944).
For the SANL, however, both investigations furthered a broader agenda of discrediting mainstream noninterventionists as fascist sympathizers and provided an entering wedge for further prosecutions ("Timers' Exposed in Political Steal" 1944).
The Friends of Democracy (FD), another organization that worked in tandem with the SANL, also tried to discredit Rumely, Gannett, and the CCG by linking them with the Sedition Trial defendants.
A special editorial of the SANL's Anti-Nazi Bulletin praised it as "Democratic Dynamite" ("Democratic Dynamite" 1943, 2).
Rather, he remained fixated on the hidden and, in his view, sinister role in the investigation of an interlocking network that included the SANL, the Society for the Prevention of World War III (a group that favored a harsh peace toward Germany), and the FD.