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SANLSuomen Akateemisten Naisten Liitto (Finnish: Finnish Association of Graduate Women)
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The Friends of Democracy (FD), another organization that worked in tandem with the SANL, also tried to discredit Rumely, Gannett, and the CCG by linking them with the Sedition Trial defendants.
It included James Sheldon of the SANL, Leon Birkhead of the FD, and Isidore Lipschutz, the financial angel of both the SANL and the Society for the Prevention of World War III (Pegler 1950a, 1950b, 1950c, 1951).
But while the role played by the FD, the SANL, and other organizations in advancing the Buchanan Committee's efforts certainly merits more scrutiny, it should also not be exaggerated.