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SANOSymmetry-Adapted Natural Orbital
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Even wellness packages' approach has a special Sano Touring's touch, as they all include: travel experiences, tours and holiday packages that balance body and soul while travelling through Romania.
Sano, who grew up in Tokyo before moving to London and opening sushi restaurant Suzu, says the basic rules of Shoku-Iku include the Buddhist-inspired Power of Five to boost variety: eating foods from five groups (grains, vegetables, fruits, protein and dairy) that appeal to your five senses.
Sano has seen firsthand the difference that being mindful of what we're eating can make; it helped her son, Leon, who was diagnosed with autism aged three.
Speaking about Daikin Middle East's performance, Sano said: "Despite the economic crisis that hit the GCC region in 2008, Daikin Middle East has marked growth resulting from the market demand for energy efficiency products and towards quality in products and services.
The new water firm launched operations on July 31, and Sano said it will no longer be operated as a state utility like EWSA, but as a wholly state-owned corporation.
htm) massive destruction that is unprecedented, unthinkable and horrific," Sano said, choking back the tears.
Sano Di Pietro is likely to be a warm order in the Prix de Lys (3.
Overall the market is still caught in a tight range between $70 and $80 and I don't see any reason to break that range, just like the stock market," said Keichi Sano, general manager of research at SCM Securities in Tokyo.
will start marketing a next-generation energy system combining solar cells and storage batteries from 2013, company President Seiichiro Sano said in a recent interview with Kyodo News.
We are striving to be a leader in the Panasonic group's energy and environment-related businesses," Sanyo president Seiichiro Sano told a news conference.
Tadakatsu Sano, an aide to Hatoyama on political affairs, told reporters that the base issue in Okinawa ''was not taken up'' in their meeting.
LONG BEACH - Stroke for stroke and turn for turn, Japan's Hidemasa Sano gave Michael Phelps quite a challenge in the 400-yard individual medley Sunday night at Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool.