SANRALSouth African National Roads Agency Limited
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SANRAL said a heavy fine awaits those who resist to cooperate and fail to pay for e-tolling within a week.
SANRAL has a distinct mandate - to finance, improve, manage and maintain the national road network (the "economic arteries" of South Africa).
52bn, of which investments by Eskom (the electricity utility), Transnet (the railway utility) and SANRAL account for 90 % of this amount.
SANRAL in fact has confirmed to African Banker that it has been exploring the possibility of issuing a sukuk to fund a toll road project, but the problem of drivers refusing to pay the initial set toll fees on the Johannesburg-Pretoria National Road link and the subsequent allocation of funds to the highway utility from the National Budget put paid to that, although the sukuk option remains open for the future.
SANRAL Chief Executive Officer Nazir Alli has called upon progressive professionals to support the National Development Plan and to continue playing their role in shaping government policy.
In December 2013 SANRAL terminated the services of the contractor that was responsible for the partial reconstruction of the R37 national road due to failure to meet contractual obligations.
The intervention in Limpopo is particularly vital because of its booming mining industry and its strategic agricultural sector which both need, over and above rail connections, an excellent road infrastructure," says Vusi Mona, communications head at SANRAL.
Moreover to offer provide for the Minister to publish draft regulations in the Gazette calling for public comment; to provide for certain presumptions relating to the driving, operation and use of vehicles on a toll road and the use of electronic evidence to prove an alleged contravention of the SANRAL Act; to exclude the levying and collection of toll from the ambit of the National Credit Act, 2005; and to amend the contents of the SANRAL Act.
SANRAL projected that it would have spent a further R71,9 on rehabilitation of the road infrastructure by November this year.
Users can also conveniently register via Sanral s website or by calling the toll free number 0800 SANRAL (726 725).
Recently, SANRAL reported to the Extended Exco Lekgotla that the organization has undertaken eight road maintenance projects across the province that includes road repair and resealing.
The warping was identified by SANRAL in October 2010, well before the media reports, and a task team of pavement and material experts have been attending to the matter.