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SANTSan Antonio Neighbors Together (Texas)
SANTSouth African Native Trust
SANTSamenwerkingsverband Nederlandstalige Terminologie (Dutch: Dutch Terminology Group)
SANTSW13/ADA2 (Adenosine Deaminase 2)/Ncor (Nuclear Receptor Corepressor)/TFIIIB (Transcription Factor IIIB)
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They said that old Windpeter stood up on the seat of his wagon, raving and swearing at the onrushing locomotive, and that he fairly screamed with delight when the team, maddened by his inces- sant slashing at them, rushed straight ahead to cer- tain death.
None of the fragments of any considerable size had been washed more than three or four mile down the river below their parent-source: considering th singular rapidity of the great body of water in the Sant Cruz, and that no still reaches occur in any part, this example is a most striking one, of the inefficiency of rivers i transporting even moderately-sized fragments.
Geologists formerly would have brought into play the violent action of some overwhelming debacle; but in thi case such a supposition would have been quite inadmissible because, the same step-like plains with existing sea-shell lying on their surface, which front the long line of the Patagonian coast, sweep up on each side of the valley of Sant Cruz.
The old birds generally liv in pairs; but among the inland basaltic cliffs of the Sant Cruz, I found a spot, where scores must usually haunt.
Service preservation and maintenance of street lighting installations, road, sports, parks and ornamental in the town of Sant Adria de Besos.
Mae Alwyn yn clywed mwy am ein nawdd sant gan y Canon Dorrien Davies o Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi.
The court, earlier in the day, directed Haryana Police to arrest Sant Rampal after he refused to appear in court.
SANT is classically considered to be a disease of female preponderance.
This grant funded partnership with the American Cancer Society will support the health and cancer needs of our community by providing awareness to breast and colorectal health, an initiative Sant La hopes will aid in eliminating cancer disparities in the Black community.
Vicari, an essayist and film-writer, presents a thematic study of several films by Gus Van Sant.
At the transit camp of Red Cross Society, Rawalpindi, he was named Sant Ram.