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SANTSan Antonio Neighbors Together (Texas)
SANTSouth African Native Trust
SANTSamenwerkingsverband Nederlandstalige Terminologie (Dutch: Dutch Terminology Group)
SANTSW13/ADA2 (Adenosine Deaminase 2)/Ncor (Nuclear Receptor Corepressor)/TFIIIB (Transcription Factor IIIB)
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Contact Person: Junta De Gobierno Del Ayuntamiento De Sant Joan D~alacant
He said: Judiciary in our country is supreme if it thinks that Sant Rampal has violated law, he should come under He should respect the court.
Beyin omurilik sivisi akimini duzeltmek icin en sik uygulanan yontem ventrikuloperitoneal sant (VP) vasitasiyla beyin omurilik sivisinin periton icine bosaltilmasidir (3).
Gross pathologic examination of SANT shows a well-circumscribed but nonencapsulated bosselated mass with multiple dark brown nodules, interspersed with a whitish fibrotic stroma (Figure 1).
Established in 2000, Sant La is a neighborhood resource center whose mission statement is to empower, strengthen and stabilize South Florida's Haitian community by promoting self-sufficiency and integration.
In official records, he continues to be Sant Singh, son of Dharam Singh.
30pm at St David's Dewi Sant on Hills Street, near Hugo Boss.
Coupling Cwrt Sant Pedr's convenient location just a few miles from Swansea city centre with our affordability, it offers the perfect solution for first-time buyers.
Roedd Cyndeyrn yn rhyfeddu'n fawr at ei allu ac ordeiniodd ef yn sant.
Sonuc olarak sant enfeksiyonu, ventrikuloperitoneal sant komplikasyonu olup, tedavi guclugu ve uzun sure yatis gerektirmesi yaninda onemli oranda mortalite ve morbidite neden olmaktadir.
The Sant Corporation, a provider of sales proposal, RFP and document automation software, has signed a merger agreement with sales enablement software company Kadient, the two firms revealed on Tuesday.
Finally, Sant could connect leads with campaigns, track marketing effectiveness, and project future growth based on current data.