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SANTASouth African National Tuberculosis Association (est. 1947)
SANTASubstance Abuse Need for Treatment Among Arrestees (Center for Substance Abuse Research; College Park, MD)
SANTASpay and Neuter Team of Atlanta
SANTAStudents Against Name Tags Association
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"And here's Button-Bright, I declare!" cried Santa Claus, holding up the boy to kiss him.
Certainly they had seemed a long time in reaching Santa Croce, the tower of which had been plainly visible from the landing window.
Julian and Santa Cruz cannot have lived, according to Professor E.
There was little difficulty, once in Santa Rosa, of finding Slosson.
Billy did not start immediately after they had said good-by, and he and Saxon, heads over shoulders, watched the roused Barbarossa plunging mutinously on toward Santa Rosa.
The black recollected the hint about Santa Claus; and, while he briefly explained how they had taken up the person in question on the top of the mountain, he forbore to add anything concerning the accident or the wound, only saying that he believed the youth was a stranger.
We went to the Church of Santa Croce, from time to time, in Florence, to weep over the tombs of Michael Angelo, Raphael and Machiavelli,
But this he was to learn early in his residence in Santa Clara Valley.
"Why, he looks just like Santa Claus--only he isn't the same color!" whispered Dorothy to her friend; but the Nome King heard the speech, and it made him laugh aloud.
But nothing about that thing that happened to him off Cape Horn, long ago, when he lay like dead for three days and nights; nothing about that deadly skrimmage with the Spaniard afore the altar in Santa? -- heard nothing about that, eh?
Snodhead, a very learned man, professor of Low Dutch and High German in the college of Santa Claus and St.
Kent and Berry Davis, all of Tucson, crossed the Santa Catalina mountains and traveled due west, as nearly as the configuration of the country permitted.