SAPCOSecurity Assistance Policy Coordinating Office
SAPCOSupplying of Automotive Parts Company
SAPCOSpace Age Polymers Company (band)
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Since the inception of the China Agricultural Product Commercial Network idea, our goal has always been to take our initiatives into the eCommerce arena," said Zhu Junming, SAPCO deputy general manager.
To address security issues, SAPCO is also deploying CA's eTrust Intrusion Detection.
SAPCO is also relying on CA's Unicenter TNG Advanced Storage Option solution for enterprise-wide data storage.
This will help producers lengthen guarantee periods for automobile paints," Ali Farshidi, head of Engineering and Materials Research Center at SAPCO explained to INIC.
Components are designed and supplied by SAPCO Co and Saze Gostar Co for Iran Khodro and Saipa, respectively.
Accompanied by some of the auto part makers of its supply network, SAPCO - Iran-Khodro (IKCO) Supplying Automotive Parts Company -- took part in these 4 days of innovation and business contacts, following its successful presence in the last year's event.
Restarting part export due to negotiations held in Automechnika 2014, SAPCO got back on track to sell brake and suspension components in European countries, while it welcomed new markets for Iran's part making industry in this year's event.
SAMCO will produce and sell up to 70,000 tonnes per annum of glacial acrylic acid to SAPCO and up to 160,000 tonnes per annum of butyl acrylate to SAAC and a Dow offtaker.
All IKCO cars meet Euro IV standard while car production processes and part suppliers that are supervised by SAPCO have been upgraded to meet this standard," declared Hashem Yekehzare and added, "by doing so, fuel consumption and emissions of our cars have decreased by 5 to 7 percent and 35 to 50 percent respectively.
Carlo Zingaro, group managing director of The South African Preserving Co, SAPCO, which has one principal customer -- Del Monte Foods International -- had wide experience of the Mediterranean canning sector before moving to the Cape last year.
The existing potentials in IKCO, SAPCO and our part makers could all let us manage to pass the crisis.