SAPESapient Corp (stock symbol)
SAPESmall Area Population Estimates (Office for National Statistics; UK)
SAPESubstance Abuse Prevention Education
SAPESurvivable Adaptive Planning Experiment
SAPEStudent Assessment, Program Evaluation
SAPESexual Assault Prevention and Education
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He also points out that Sapes need to earn and save a lot of money in order to buy the very expensive and luxurious imported clothes that they need for their wardrobes.
Chief among these are the pipes and fine quality cigars that, even if they remain unlit and unsmoked, appear de rigueur to the pose and attitude of today's Sapes when they congregate in the different bars and nightclubs of Brazzaville.
Even where Sapes meet, there is a strict code of conduct with regard to lighting up cigars, we learn.