SAPEMSymposium on the Acoustics of Poro-Elastic Materials
SAPEMSouthern African Political and Economic Monthly (Zimbabwe)
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Tajudeen wrote many academic and specialist journals, including Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE), Journal of African Marxists (JAM), Southern Africa Political Economy Monthly (SAPEM), New Internationalist, and International Journal of Development.
Fundo una organizacion de investigacion llamada Southern African Political and Economic Trust que publico mensualmente Southern African Political and Economic Monthly (SAPEM).
1995 "Gendering Confidentiality for Women Part II." SAPEM VIII(March):41-42.
For the "pessimist" view, see for example: Jackson, R, Quasi-States, Sovereignty, International Relations and the Third World, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1990; Kaplan, R, "The coming anarchy", Atlantic Monthly, February 1994; Editorial, "The end and the beginning", The New Republic, 16 June 1997, p 7; Mayo, J N, "The African Renaissance: A critical assessment", SAPEM, May 1998; and Malala, J, "High on ideals, low on substance", Financial Mail, 9 October 1998, pp 41-42.