SAPFSouth African Police Force
SAPFSave-A-Patriot Fellowship (political group)
SAPFSpecial Access Program Facility
SAPFSummit Area Public Foundation (New Jersey)
SAPFSan Antonio Parks Foundation (Texas)
SAPFSingle Asian Professional Female
SAPFSelf-Administered Pension Fund
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Finally, the feasibility and validity of the proposed strategy are confirmed by simulation based on Matlab/Simulink and a prototype of the SAPF using TMS320F28335 as control core.
The structure of two-level three-phase three-wire SAPF used in this paper is shown in Figure 1 [19].
SAPF may be used in extensive distribution grids, because voltage at their distant ends is altered and it may no longer correspond with the standards.
In remote parts of the distribution grid, it is possible to use SAPF combined with a photovoltaic power plant.
The block diagram of simple SAPF with non-linear load is shown in Fig.
The schematic diagram of SAPF with PI/FLC implementation is shown in Fig.
To date, the nonsinusoidal reference current is mainly derived from the extracted current harmonics [11, 14-18] and thus forces the SAPF to operate based on direct current controlled (DCC) scheme [26-28] where the knowledge of actual SAPF injection current is required in generating the desired PWM switching signals to control the switching activities of SAPF for harmonics mitigation.
From the literature [4, 28, 29], it is revealed that switching activities of SAPF produces ripples in the source current.
Existen multiples complicaciones de gemelos monocorionicos, incluidos el STFF y la secuencia de la anemia-policitemia fetal (SAPF) (Figura 2) las cuales se clasifican como trastornos clinicos distintos asociados con el flujo de sangre no balanceada a traves de comunicaciones vasculares placentarias; en donde en el SAPF hay comunicaciones A-V pero menores de 1mm (17).
STFF: Sindrome de transfusion feto-fetal SAPF: Sindrome de anemia policitemia fetal RCIUt: Restriccion de crecimiento intrauterino temprano.
SAPF has been used extensively for harmonic suppression, reactive power compensation and grid current equilibrium in the distribution system [3], [4].
In ref [16], a set of methods on design, control, and implementation of LCL-filter-based SAPF are presented.