SAPLSociety for Animal Protective Legislation
SAPLSaudi Arabian Parsons Limited
SAPLSanta Ana Public Library (California)
SAPLSociete d'Astronomie Populaire de Limoges (French)
SAPLSouth African Public Libraries
SAPLSemantic Agent Programming Language
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Thus, with strong adsorption of SAPL molecules and strong cohesion of this adsorbed lining, SAPL satisfies the two fundamental criteria for a high-load-bearing boundary lubricant.
Therefore, a combination of SAPLs rather than a single SAPL contributes to the boundary lubrication of the joints.
SAPL was originally set up in 1974 as a proprietorship firm, which began operations by trading in cigarettes; the firm was reconstituted as a private limited company in 1995.
For 2009-10, SAPL reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs.
Anil Malhotra, SAPL is an authorised automobile dealer of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd (MSIL; rated 'AAA/Stable/P1+' by CRISIL).
For 2008-09 (refers to financial year, April 1 to March 31), SAPL reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs.
SAPL plans to spend an estimated total amount of $6 million during the contract period.
The ratings are however constrained by the stretched financial profile of SAPL, as characterised by thin profit margins and deteriorating coverage indicators; small scale of operations limiting pricing flexibility; high customer concentration; seasonal nature of operations, resulting in moderation of capacity utilisation during a few months of the year; and fragmented industry structure, with intense competition from manufacturers in the domestic market as well as other low-cost international markets.
ICRA considers the ability of SAPL to maintain its orderbook position in view of competitive pressures and also improve its pricing flexibility with customers to sustain/expand its +profit margins in view of rising input costs to be the key rating sensitivities.
Demolition and disposal of existing 54" SAPL 2 pipe; furnish and install shoring for excavation support work; site clearing and demolition; furnish and install insulated joints with dielectric lined and coated 54" pipe.