SAPMASouth African Paint Manufacturers Association (Johannesburg, South Africa)
SAPMASan Antonio Personnel Management Association (San Antonio, TX)
SAPMASquare Annular Planar Monopole Antenna
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Spence added, The development of a SAPMA Multi-tiered Quality Band system will resolve this dilemma in that it will classify standards in a minimum, medium and upper level Quality Bands which would be depicted on the packaging by a descriptive shield, and supported by promotional material in-store to enlighten consumers.
He stated that he believes this initiative will be one of the single biggest developments in the history of both SAPMA and the coatings industry and will for the first time simplify both the specification and purchasing of paint.
SAPMA to facilitate the launching of the Quality Band system is planning to build up an independent SAPMA laboratory to which paint manufacturers can send samples for compliance-testing of products falling under the different specifications of the Quality Band system.
The SAPMA Technical Committee will make advice concerning the establishment of the SAPMA laboratory in addition to the equipment necessary for the initial and ongoing testing of the Quality Band system.
SAPMA executive director Deryck Spence said in early September an estimated $86 million worth of paint was imported into South Africa in 2015 "which is about 10 percent of the entire South African market.
ITAC was quoted in early September saying despite the concerns by SAPMA, there is no specific manufacturer who has launched a complaint or request for increasing of the import tariffs as required by law to enable it launch an investigation into the proposal propagated by the Spence-led association.
SAPMA chairman Terry Ashmore said earlier described 2015 as the difficult year for South Africa's paints and coatings industry because of local and international trends.
Just as we start looking forward to increased economic growth, we get knocked backwards by more events that move South Africa down the foreign investment ladder," he told SAPMA members during their 2015 annual general meeting.
With the addition of IPA and SAPMA, we have strengthened our global representation, which will add value to the entire industry.
More information about SAPMA is available at http://sapma.