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SAPNASouth Asian Perspectives Network Association (innovative action research network)
SAPNASouth Asian Psychological Networking Association
SAPNASouth Asian Professional Network for Health Awareness (Canada)
SAPNASouth Asian Professional Network Association
SAPNASuccinyl-L-Alanine P-Nitroanilide
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SAPNA aims to boost the quality of education for the children of blue-collar workers by granting scholarships and funding vocational education opportunities for them.
Since its inception two years ago, Sapna has been supporting 20 children of 12 workers in the UAE.
Apna Sapna financial literacy program gave them adequate impetus to start saving part of their salaries and to make this a habit in order to achieve their dreams.
Sapna and Rehana are two 10-year-old girls I met at one camp who were playing outside their homes when the floods came and had to run for their lives when the floods entered their village.
Luned also met two 10-year-old girls, Sapna and Rehana, who were playing outside their homes when the flood entered their village, forcing them to run for their lives.
The charity was established by British women Sonal Kadchha and Sapna Sisodia after joining Sir Richard Branson on a Virgin Unite charity scheme to renovate Sekenani Primary School where they witnessed the many challenges facing schools in the region.
Pierre Rizk and his Sri Lankan wife Sapna have no children but are living happily with their 13 snakes in a two-room apartment east of Beirut.
Sara Pinder (Cobbetts), Peter Rees-Steer (guest speaker), Elaine Reeves (Yorkshire Bank) Debbie Partridge (HSBC IF), Sapna Sandher, Louise Fox, Jo Wright (all BDO Stoy Hayward) Steph Brown (Galaxy Group), Zena Hadley (A& L), Sarah Bourke (Smith Coooper), Alison Dodd (Cattles Invoice Finance) Front: Emma Dovey, Sue Dovey; back: Sarah Harrison, Anwar Jammal, Esther Nicklin (all Saremme Nails and Beauty Clinic) Zoe Murtagh (Gems & Jewels) Rachel Dabydoyal (Cobbetts), Hoi-Lem Lee (Orbis Corporate Finance), Meg Thomson (Yorkshire Bank)
Sapna Kareer, a council marketing officer, said: "The scheme will be piloted within the next few weeks.
The launch of the SAPNA study "Pro-poor Growth and Governance in South Asia: Decentralisation and Participatory Development", during the 21st Annual Conference of the Pakistan Society for Development Economics was most fortunate.
Yet for some unaccountable reason I managed to find myself at the end of a night in the city at the Sapna Restaurant, a creaking, crypt-like curryhouse secreted in abasementunder St James Street.
Daughter Sapna Kattri, Sarna's ex-schoolmate but oblivious to the plot, left home in a row.