SAPOASouth African Property Owners Association
SAPOASan Antonio Police Officers Association (San Antonio, TX)
SAPOASouthern African Postal Operators Association
SAPOASalisbury Area Property Owners Association (Maryland)
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SAPOA is an Industry Body that represents property owning companies and other organizations that have an interest in commercial property.
In order to review and compare the different approaches that could be applied in a retail standard, SAPOA arranged for the SSC to inspect three retail centers that spanned the spectrum of retail property types.
Geoff Doidge revealed: "SAPOA mulling huge 'initial investment' here.
(2) 5 8 20 13 4 River Sapoa (3) 32 3 7 16 28 19 Total gill rakers 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 A.
Conflictos armados en la region y mecanismos de solucion (12) Guerra de las Malvinas Solucion militar Guerra Ecuador-Peru Intervencion Paises Garantes Guerra civil salvadorena Solucion politica con mediacion Naciones Unidas Guerra civil guatemalteca Solucion politica con mediacion Naciones Unidas Guerra civil nicaragiuense Solucion politica -- Acuerdos Sapoa Invasion Estados Unidos a Panama Solucion militar Invasion Estados Unidos a Granada Solucion militar Invasion Haiti Solucion militar al amparo Resolucion Naciones Unidas Insurgencia Sendero Luminoso Solucion politico -- militar interna En suma, la historia reciente de la region nos muestra dos cosas:
The Costa Rican contract with Carmichael and Tyler committed the latter to undertake works necessary to improve navigation on the San Juan River, to build a canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Sapoa River (which when completed would allow ship traffic up the San Juan to exit to the Pacific), to build a road from San Jose to the Sarapiqui, and to bring colonists to settle in the border area.
Fue parcialmente estudiado por Baudez (1968), quien de la observacion de materiales en superficie y la practica de una cala estratigrafica, establecio una fase arqueologica que denomino Palo Blanco, asignandole una temporalidad de 800 a 1200 d.C., que en la cronologia regional corresponde al Policromo Medio (Lange, 1990) y en la propuesta cronologica mas reciente equivale al periodo Sapoa (Guerrero et al., 1992).
Finally, in contradicting the intentions of the Central American presidents as expressed in February, Bush and his bipartisans are following a pattern set by the United States in 1987 after the Esquipulas II accord and faithfully repeated last year in response to the Sapoa cease-fire agreement.
As per the report, South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), representative body and official voice of commercial and industrial property and the Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding.
As a means of addressing the growing demand for hotel rooms and shopping mall developments in Sri Lanka, the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Pretoria organized a business promotion and networking event to members of the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA).
Intestine, Astyanax aenaeus (F), Rio Sapoa, Guanacaste, and Bryconamericus scleroparius (F), Rio Sapoa and Quebrada Limonal, Guanacaste (Choudhury et al.