SAPOLSouth Australian Police Service
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SAPOL conducted a field trial during 2008 in which 502 operational country and metropolitan police officers received training in the safe handling and use of the M&P pistol and carried the firearm in an operational environment.
SAPOL joins a growing number of police departments across the globe where the M&P pistol is currently standard issue.
said, "As a long-time customer of Smith & Wesson, SAPOL has employed Smith & Wesson revolvers in the line of duty for many years.
SAPOL s Mobile Fingerprint Scanning Solution is an Android smartphone-based application developed by NEC.
After a successful trial, SAPOL will rollout 150 mobile fingerprint scanners to help quickly identify suspects and keep more police patrolling on the streets.
Tablet devices have changed the way many of us work and now SAPOL are also set to reap the benefits of this technology.
SAPOL figures for the 2011/12 financial year show almost 8000 vehicles were clamped or impounded, 26 were sold, 178 destroyed and six publicly crushed.
This will involve working collaboratively with road safety education stakeholders such as the R, MFS, SAPOL and other providers to identify all the programs available and determine how they can be best delivered to young South Australians, he said.
An advisory group to support the project was set up with representatives from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, SAPOL, Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide, the Ladder Project and Ocean View College.