SAPRSexual Assault Prevention and Response (US DoD)
SAPRSemi Annual Progress Report (various locations)
SAPRSolution Assurance Product Review (IBM)
SAPRStockpile Approved Product Record
SAPRSimplified Acquisition Procurement Request
SAPRSuper Aguri Panther Racing (IndyCar racing)
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25) The Army leadership felt that new measures put in place to respond to sexual assaults were working but that they could do more by placing additional emphasis on the prevention piece of SAPR.
For more information on reporting eligibility and the SAIRO Report, contact your installation SAPR office.
Secondly, we must shift our emphasis from SAPR education and training to enhancing leaders' capabilities.
37) See DOD, SAPR, Human Resources Strategic Assessment Program, "2012 Workplace and Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Members," March 15, 2013, available at <www.
Implemented nearly 18 months ago, the Army's SAPR Program has made tremendous progress, and continues to move forward to improve specific areas of the program and its related initiatives.
Supply and delivery of spare parts logistics transport trailers for the benefit of training related to the SAPR antenna Moulins.
The Department of Defense recently signed an exception to policy, granting the Air Force the authority to extend SAPR services.
Recent inappropriate incidents invoicing SAPR program managers, senior leaders and service academics created a need for a program review.
The SARC Exceptional Coordinator Award recognizes SARCs who are dedicated to SARC standards, adherence to SAPR ideals and values and are committed to train volunteers and advise and assist victims.
Likewise, there is little guidance on how to accomplish the Judge Advocate's (JA's) mission as a part of the SAPR team.
I titled this series of articles "My Story, My Perspective" because my experience gave me a personal insight into the importance of comprehensive Airman fitness, SAPR and wingman initiatives.
The SAPR program exists in order to provide victims and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence resources, support and encouragement that are needed in dealing with this crisis.