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SAPRIStructural Adjustment Participatory Review Initiative
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Sapri is an environmentally friendly fabric and hygroscopic, like cotton.
Despite agreement on the common rules of the exercise and the review methodology, the World Bank team played an obstructionist role throughout the SAPRI process.
A contribution from World Bank to the Second Global SAPRI Forum, 30-31 July 2001.
SAPRI, one of the foremost think tanks in South Asia is conducting several workshops and activities with the ownership of the communities on the theme of Religious Harmony for Co - existence to foster peace and empathy among the various religious groups.
SAPRI proposed joint discussions that could allow greater domestic exchange between CSOs and government ministries.
SAPRI, a regional organization focusing on the formulation of policies on subjects of importance to South Asia to facilitate the evolving of inclusive societies, is greatly concerned by the increasing acts occurring in the region, in Sri Lanka particularly, violating religious harmony.
Tenders are invited for Construction Tradesmen Shop, MT Garrage (G), Quarter Guard, CPC & FWC buildings including providing electrical installations & fans, compound lighting, cable laying, Ughtining conductor, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting system & development of site in connection with Construction of Permanent accommodation at composite Training Centre, SSB Sapri Distt.
I take this opportunity to thank SAPRI and its Management for extending this invitation to share our reflections and experiences on this important issue.
E se l'evento della spedizione di Sapri naturalmente rappresenta il core business del romanzo, i particolari non sono "romanzati".
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Tradesmen Shop Mt Garrage G Quarter Guard Cpc And Fwc Buildings Including Providing Electrical Installations And Fans Compound Lighting Cable Laying Lightining Conductor Fire Alarm Fire Fighting System And Development At Site in connection with Construction Of Permanent Accommodation At Composite Training Centre Ssb Sapri Distt Kangra Hp.