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SAPSSouth African Police Service
SAPSScience and Plants for Schools (biology program)
SAPSStatistical Analysis of Protein Sequences
SAPSStand Alone Power Systems
SAPSSuccessive Alkalinity-Producing System (used to treat acid leachate)
SAPSSpectator Amateur Press Society (est. 1947)
SAPSSimplified Acute Physiology Scores
SAPSScaling and Probabilistic Smoothing (algorithm)
SAPSSwedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences
SAPSSulphated Ash Phosphorus Sulphur
SAPSSAP Application Benchmark Performance Standard (throughput unit for HW sizing)
SAPSShippingport Atomic Power Station (Shippingport, PA)
SAPSSouthern Auto Problem Solutions
SAPSSmall Arms Perception Survey
SAPSSignal Algorithmic Processing System (from Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy novel)
SAPSSeismological Acquisition and Processing System
SAPSSaint Anthony's Primary School
SAPSSarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha
SAPSSession Attempts Per Second
SAPSSonar Adaptive Processing Study
SAPSStatus Already in Protection State (Alcatel)
SAPSService Assurance Production Support (Sprint)
SAPSShed Acute Phase Antigen
SAPSSchool of Applied Sciences (various schools)
SAPSSkills, Abilities, Potential and Suitability (interviewing and evaluation)
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Then flow away, my sweety sap, And I will make you boily; Nor catch a wood man’s hasty nap, For fear you should get roily.
The press, that giant machine, which incessantly pumps all the intellectual sap of society, belches forth without pause fresh materials for its work.
The sap then immediately begins to flow from the upper end, and continues so doing for some months: it is, however, necessary that a thin slice should be shaved off from that end every morning, so as to expose a fresh surface.
You must learn the trick; you must imitate the trademarks of poverty, misery, oppression, insult, and the other several and common inhumanities that sap the manliness out of a man and make him a loyal and proper and approved subject and a satisfaction to his masters, or the very infants will know you for better than your disguise, and we shall go to pieces at the first hut we stop at.