SAPTSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (various locations)
SAPTSymmetry-Adapted Perturbation Theory
SAPTScottish Association for Public Transport (Scotland, UK)
SAPTSexual Abuse Prevention Training (various locations)
SAPTSecurity Assessment, Penetration Testing (audits)
SAPTSecurity Assistance Program Training
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The SAPT project is envisioned to be a state of the art terminal catering to the logistics hinterland needs of Pakistan, the transit needs of Afghanistan, Central Asia Republics and China and the regional transshipment needs.
As we focus on the SAPT Block Grant through the lens of the ACA, it is important to remind stakeholders that any changes to the program require Congressional discussion and approval," adds Morrison.
A NASADAD study of care systems in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont showed that the SAPT block grant remains a critical funding source for substance use treatment because so many people who need treatment services will remain uninsured, even under reform.
This FCI potential is significantly more accurate than the CC and SAPT potentials developed earlier in Ref.
SAPT] calculated with the SAPT three-body potential of Ref.
SAPT] calculated from the SAPT three-body potential (23) and [C.
To obtain SAPT funding, states complete an annual application detailing program accomplishments to date and enclosing a plan for the forthcoming year.
Although the percentage of SAPT grant expenditures on a national level is fairly low in comparison to other funding sources, that percentage varies considerably from state to state.
SAPT is the oldest large-scale coffee plantation in Timor Loro Sa'e, established in 1897 by the then Portuguese Governor Celestino da Silva.
This question also applies to large plantations with commodities other than coffee, such as coconut, which was also heavily dominated by SAPT and SOTA, and was obviously also taken over by Indonesian army-backed interests.
A], we decreased the ab initio short-range results [15] by their claimed uncertaintie s and decreased the intermediate-range SAPT results by 0.
5 bohr), the results of the variational calculation from Komasa [24], (2) at intermediate r (3 bohr [less than] r [less than] 7 bohr), the SAPT results from Korona et al.