SAPTSubstance Abuse Prevention and Treatment (various locations)
SAPTSymmetry-Adapted Perturbation Theory
SAPTScottish Association for Public Transport (Scotland, UK)
SAPTSexual Abuse Prevention Training (various locations)
SAPTSecurity Assessment, Penetration Testing (audits)
SAPTSecurity Assistance Program Training
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The meeting was attended by Mumtaz Ali Shah, Secretary Maritime Affairs, Asif Hammad, GM KPT, Syed Rashid Jamil, CEO, SAPT, Horace Hui, CEO, KICT and Khurram Khan, CEO PICT.
The rehabilitated SAPT soon employed 3,000 Timorese labourers cultivating coffee, rubber, and cocoa and now covered some 11,000 hectares.
As we focus on the SAPT Block Grant through the lens of the ACA, it is important to remind stakeholders that any changes to the program require Congressional discussion and approval," adds Morrison.
The aims of SAPI were identical with those of the SAPT, namely the establishment of an accredited training institute in South Africa.
This FCI potential is significantly more accurate than the CC and SAPT potentials developed earlier in Ref.
To obtain SAPT funding, states complete an annual application detailing program accomplishments to date and enclosing a plan for the forthcoming year.
SAPT is the oldest large-scale coffee plantation in Timor Loro Sa'e, established in 1897 by the then Portuguese Governor Celestino da Silva.
Bracketing the apartheid dimension, the SAPT (often referred to simply as the 'Post Office') shared many features with other national post, telephone, and telegraph administrations.
These experts in detail discussed four connecting options with their pros and cons, but were of a firm opinion that the two ports SAPT and Karachi Port could best be linked with railways by laying double track from Pipri near Port Qasim right into the two ports.
With SAPT adding not only land side capacity but also berth side capacity for shipping lines in Pakistan, the claim relating to congestion resulting in delays to the vessels seeking a berthing window remains hard to digest.
SAPT can predict both enroute and terminal RAIM availability for both GPS and ADS-B.
These three recent publications and the variational results of Komasa [24] indicate that the SAPT [18] results in the region around r = 4.