SAPUSalinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (US National Park Service)
SAPUSouth African Police Union (Pretoria, South Africa)
SAPUSuelo Apto para Urbanizar (Spanish: Land Suitable for Actual Development)
SAPUSecondary Aluminum Processing Unit
SAPUSchefenacker Automotive Parts Ungarn (German: Schefenacker Automotive Parts Hungary)
SAPUSammenslutningen af Private Udlejere (Danish: Association of Private Landlords; est. 2004)
SAPUSocial and Applied Psychology Unit (University of Sheffield; UK)
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Las defunciones ocurridas en otros establecimientos de salud como SAPU, postas rurales o consultorios de atencion primaria, son codificadas por el DEIS bajo la categoria "otro lugar" y, por tanto,
Bala-Gaye, secretary of state for finance and economic affairs, reported that these youths are running an Internet cafe and counseling center, participating in agricultural projects in the Sapu and Nyaniberreh regions, and conducting public awareness campaigns to combat HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.
* 1985-1987 Production supervisor, Scottish Antibody Production Unit (SAPU).
The South African Police Union (SAPU) objected to the prohibition on inter alia members of the police and the military to register as security officers.
With the proposed opt-in provision, the existing furnace can be re-designated as a new source and included in a single new "secondary aluminum processing unit" (or SAPU) with the new in-line flux box.
(11.) Known as Operasi Sapu Jagad (Operation "Clean Sweep"), this campaign led to the execution of hundreds and possibly thousands of East Timorese, the displacement of an estimated 660,000 civilians from their homes, and the destruction of as much as 70 per cent of the territory's physical infrastructure.
Table - 2 Shipping business of Bahtera Adhiguna, 1998 - 1999 (ton/[m.sup.3]) 1999 Name of ship 1998 Plan Realization Mv Adh Nugraha 56,925 64,411 55,067 Mv Adh Jaya 20,908 63,966 61,697 Mv Adh Purnamarga 28,090 55,847 45,456 Mv Adh Muliamarga 15,444 - - Mv Adh Muliamarga (Teus) 850 8,593 10,022 Mv Adh Rayamarga 44,044 19,244 19,244 My Adh Rayamarga (Teus) - 3,370 2,758 Mv Tarahan 2,283,373 1,825,479 2,014,082 Barge BA-1/Tb Sapu Laut/ TB Gemilang Samudra 144,906 139.911 131,987 Sailing Vsl.
Through what it called Operasi Sapu Jagad (Operation Global CleanSweep) these gangs were responsible for hundreds of deaths in East Timor between January and July 1999 and caused more than 60,000 people to flee their villages, creating a serious refugee problem.
Eliseo Rasco, Police Regional Office-12 director, identified the suspect as Gregorio Aray, 32 who was nabbed by police operatives at his house in Barangay Sapu Masla, Malapatan, Sarangani.
The raiding teams also seized suspected shabu and firearms during the raids conducted in Sapu Masla, Gonzales said.