SAPVSouth African Passiflora Virus
SAPVSecondary Air Pulse Valve (engine part)
SAPVStand Alone Photovoltaic Power System (storage battery)
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The LF of the SAPV oscillations are linked with the sympathetic vascular response to the baroreflex stimulation and inhibition (12).
have recently categorized the methods of designing and dimensioning SAPV used in today's comprehensive review under three headings as classical, modern, and computer software [7].
In the next step, the components of the SAPV system can be determined and cost calculations can be made.
In some studies, this value can be taken as 1% of the total initial investment cost of SAPV system [13].
Hence the hydroxyl values of these chains would increase with reaction time while the SAPV would decrease slowly.
On the other hand, the variance of SAPV decreased in comparison to SH (p < 0.05).
Further analysis showed a significant association between sympathetic nervous activity and MAP levels (Figure 5), demonstrated by correlation of sympathetic tonus and MAP (r = 0.79, p < 0.001; Figure 5a) and LF component of SAPV and MAP (r = 0.57, p < 0.001; Figure 5b).
The background theory and formulation used in the analytical method for sizing SAPV system as proposed in [7] are described in this section.