SAQASouth African Qualifications Authority
SAQAStudio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (Storrs, CT)
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The SAQA (The South African Qualifications Authority) Act of 1995 gives SAQA and its relevant bodies authority to approve new qualifications.
SAQA is an independent statutory body consisting of representatives from six "social partners": government, business, trade unions, education and training providers, critical interest groups (such as the disabled, women, youths or other groups whose presence is believed to be important) and community groups (who may represent learners).
The programme offers an official SAQA accredited experiential training over a period of 12 months with a minimum of 140 credits.
With the SAQA qualification the SMMEs can apply for work at municipalities or other companies, Nel-Verwey said.
Ensuring articulation of between and within the three sub-frameworks is an important concern for DHET as well as for SAQA and the QCs.