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SARASuperfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (US EPA)
SARASpecies At Risk Act (Canada)
SARAScandinavian Arabian Racing Association (Sweden)
SARAScale For the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia (neurology)
SARAStichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam
SARASgml Aware Retrieval Application
SARAScanning Analysis Response and Assessment
SARAScholarly Articles Research Alerting
SARASymposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation
SARASociety of Amateur Radio Astronomers
SARAState Adoption Resource Agency (India)
SARASecurity Auditor's Research Assistant
SARASociety of American Registered Architects
SARASpousal Assault Risk Assessment
SARAServices Acquisition Reform Act (USA)
SARASuccessor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency (San Jose, CA)
SARASubacute Ruminal Acidosis
SARASevern Area Rescue Association (UK)
SARASMAD Anchor for Receptor Activation
SARASexual Assault Resource Agency
SARASexually Acquired Reactive Arthritis
SARAService Animal Relief Area
SARASharing America's Resources Abroad (Ohio)
SARASíndrome da Angústia Respiratória Aguda (Portuguese: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
SARASuperfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986
SARASaturates, Aromatics, Resins, and Asphaltenes (petroleum analysis)
SARASonic Arts Research Archive (database; UK)
SARAService Animal Registry of America
SARASelective Aldosterone Receptor Antagonist
SARASociety for Applied Research in Aging
SARASaratoga National Historic Park (US National Park Service)
SARAScientific Applications & Research Associates, Inc.
SARASoftware Architecture Review and Assessment
SARASouth African Reward Association
SARASouthern Automobile Racing Association
SARASystem Architects' Apprentice
SARASatellite pour Astronomie Radio Amateur (French amateur radio astronomy satellite)
SARAStreekarchivariaat Regio Achterhoek
SARAStudy of Acid Reflux and Asthma
SARAScan, Analyze, Respond, and Assess (problem-solving model used by law enforcement)
SARASouthern Applied Research Association (Canada)
SARASAP Archive Administration
SARASquadron Assistance/Risk Assessment
SARAShock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance (reactions to change)
SARAService Academy Research Associate (program)
SARASafety Analysis and Risk Assessment (various organizations)
SARASpanish-American Riding Academy
SARAShoreline Amateur Radio Association (Long Beach, CA)
SARAStällning, Andning, Riktning, Avfyring (Swedish shooting reminder)
SARASouth-central Alaska Radio Association
SARASexual Assault and Response Awareness program
SARAStation Aerostransportable Reconnaissance Aerienne
SARASystems Accounting & Resource Analysis
SARASprint Automated Rate Analysis
SARASystem for Anesthetic and Respiratory Analysis
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When John says he knows he doesn't care for it, Sara tells him that his "slothful nature and a fondness for alcohol can be overcome with hard work and a willingness to change [his] life.
SARA rips ROY'S clothes off of his body and puts them in a plastic bag.
The tour guide was talking about a statue by Michelangelo," said Sara.
Several people debated whether Vernon Jordan should remain on Sara Lee's 17-member board (in light of the President Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal).
Sara directed secular celebrations in the communal settlements called kibbutzim, and made a career as a kindergarten teacher.
While the basic framework remains intact, SARA adds some new features and emphasis.
In contrast, Sara Lee fortifies its muffins with 25 percent of the USRDA for vitamin A, B-1, B-2, niacin, and iron, and 15 percent for calcium.
Twin performers Tegan and Sara sing out against the messed-up messages of Eminem and Britney Spears
As a result, the counselor is guessing what Sara wants and Sara leaves the conversation feeling no less bored than when she started.
Sara Lee Hosiery, the largest hosiery company in the world, will consolidate its New York department/specialty store divisions at 1675 Broadway.