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SARAHSearch And Rescue And Homing (beacon)
SARAHSpiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope
SARAHStandard Automated Remote to AUTODIN Host
SARAHSafety Analysis and Risk Assessment Handbook (US DoE)
SARAHSingle and Rich and Happy
SARAHSearch and Rescue Armed Helicopter (British military)
SARAHSystem for Advising on the Regulations for Assessing Hazards
SARAHShock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance, Help (reactions to change)
SARAHSomeone As Real As Her (Elzhi song)
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One afternoon Sarah shivered in her elegant hall bedroom; "house heated; scrupulously clean; conveniences; seen to be appreciated.
But the wall was clearest crystal; and Sarah was looking down a grassy lane shaded with cherry trees and elms and bordered with raspberry bushes and Cherokee roses.
On the previous summer Sarah had gone into the country and loved a farmer.
And Sarah came back to the city to pound her typewriter.
You see, Sarah, I'd no use for her, even at the start.
Sarah never believes me when I say how relieved I felt to be quit of her.
As Sarah knows, I never could a-bear women around the house--young, unmarried women, I mean.
I don't mind saying that I was getting some interested myself--oh, not in the way Sarah never lets up letting me know she thinks.
I am sure we are very much obliged to Professor Pesca, for Walter's sake," added Sarah.
Such distinguished people to know," remarked Sarah, straightening herself in the chair; "and on such gratifying terms of equality too
When I was left alone again nothing remained to be done but to walk to the Hampstead cottage and bid my mother and Sarah good- bye.
Sarah Pocket and Georgiana contended who should remain last; but, Sarah was too knowing to be outdone, and ambled round Georgiana with that artful slipperiness, that the latter was obliged to take precedence.