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The angel bade the pregnant Hagar return to her mistress Sarai, even though Sarai had dealt harshly with her.
In an exclusive interview to Surrey Now-Leader, when asked if he is, figuratively, falling on a sword, Sarai said, "Look, I took full responsibility as soon as I found out that this had happened and I, you know, the name came from my office, I should have vetted them before I forwarded them, I should have looked a bit more diligently at it, I am a new, young Member of Parliament, a rookie you can say so obviously I am learning from my mistakes".
We look forward to continuing this positive momentum, benefiting from the equity of our strong brand names, Sarai and Taj City.
The security sources said Pakistan Rangers Punjab along with CTD, police and intelligence agencies carried out joint search operations in surrounding areas of Kharian and Sarai Alamgir.
The accused murderer Mehrban son of Mohammad Siddique resident of Baghra Haripur during 18th January, 2015 killed a Haripur jail employee Sajid Mahmood son Aziz ur Rehman resident of Sarai Saleh at Haripur Bus Stand in the day time and fled away successfully.
The Tunisian theatre also lost Sunday actress Saida Sarai, 37, who died in a Paris clinic where she was fighting against cancer.
Here, the ITI is running inside the ' Arab Ki Sarai,'.
Police suspected that his body was dumped in the Upper Jhelum Canal near Sarai Alamgir to mislead investigators since his car was taken there and parked on GT Road after the murder, according to the investigation report.
His body was identified by relatives after being found near his car in Sarai Alamgir, 150 kilometres southeast of Islamabad.
route enters Haryana state)--Hodal--Palwal--Faridabad--Khwaja Sarai (hereafter starts the territory of Delhi)--Badarpur--Nizamuddin--Delhi--Badli--Narela (here the route enters Haryana again)--Sonepat--Ganaur--Samalkha--Panipat--Gharonda--Karnal--Taraori --Thanesar--Shahabad--Kot Kachhwaha--Ambala (here the route enters East Punjab)--Shambhu--Rajpura--Sarai Banjara (Aluwa Sarai of William Finch and Jahangir)--Sirhind--Khanna--Sarai Lashkar Khan--Doraha--Kanech--Ludhiana--Philaur--Nurmahal--Nakodar--Mahlian Kalan--Sultanpur Lodi--Goindwal--Fatehabad--Naurangabad--Nurdi--Sarai Amanat Khan--Raja Taal (the remaining route lies in West Punjab, Pakistan)--Sarai Khan-i Khanan--Lahore.
Olivier, 41, denied cheating on the pop princess after his first meetings with Sarai last November.
The pair have made up since the Sunday Mirror revealed the 39-year-old actor spent three days with Israeli beauty Sarai Givati, 24, earlier this month.