SARAIDSearch and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (UK)
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Saraid is a likeable and relatable hero, although a bit narcissistic, for she is, indeed, a princess, allowed her own tent and given the best of food and apparel.
He is travelling from Heathrow with Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (SARAID), a charity specialising in rescuing people trapped in collapsed buildings which has previously deployed to catastrophe-hit nations such as Indonesia and Haiti.
"Now they're back, we will continue fundraising - SARAID is about making a difference and we need to make sure we can do it again
British rescue specialists from SARAID (Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters) have flown out to help with the rescue efforts.
A spokesman from rescue team Search and Rescue Assistance In Disasters (Saraid) said this year there had been five major injuries including a broken ankle, concussion and a dislocated shoulder.