SARALSatellite with ARgos and ALtiKa (altimetry mission; various organizations)
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The highest time changes are between the SARAL and JASON-2 satellites.
The bias for CRYOSAT-2, ERS-2, JASON-1/2 and SARAL is below 0.
A new high-resolution (measured at a higherfrequency Ka-band) altimeter data set from the SARAL satellite showed a very good correspondence with the in situ data with no systematic bias (-0.
PSLV-C20 successfully launches Indo-French satellite SARAL and six other commercial payloads into the orbit.
India is about to send the Indo-French satellite SARAL and six other mini satellites into space.
The SARAL has been designed to study the Earth's oceans.
The ISRO-built SARAL is a 410-kg satellite with payloads-Argos and Altika-from French space agency CNES for study of ocean parameters towards enhancing the understanding of the ocean state conditions which are otherwise not covered by the in-situ measurements.
SARAL will provide data products to operational and research user communities, in support of marine meteorology and sea state forecasting; operational oceanography; seasonal forecasting; climate monitoring; ocean, earth system and climate research, the officials said.
The SARAL will be on board the ISRO's flagship space rocket PSLV-C20 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle).
The main objectives of Indo-French satellite SARAL include:
ISRO had initially planned to launch SARAL on December 12 last year, but postponed it to carry out additional tests to "address technical issues to ensure reliability".