SARAMSingle Access Ram
SARAMSingle-Access RAM
SARAMSequential Access Random Access Memory
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Even the chant itself, always misunderstood in the West, was always meant to be translated much more as "down with" than "death to." Iranians, a people who daily will wish "death" upon themselves--as in khak bar saram, literally "dust upon my head" as an exclamation of dismay--are given to hyperbole, as much in their famous praise and politesse (or ta'arouf, as it's known in Farsi) as in their condemnations.
Colonel Hassan Ali Bin Saram, director of Umm Al Quwain's civil defence, stressed on the importance of carrying out regular maintenance work on vehicles, especially during the summer when temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius.
ADNOC Distribution has announced the opening of Seah Al Saram Service Station in Fujairah, taking the total number of service stations in its network to 460 across the country.
The first meeting marking Wesak as a special day at the UN was hosted by Sri Lanka's Ambassador John de Saram at the small Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium.
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Contact tracing in leprosy: Looking beyond the visible 231, de Saram Place, Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine, 2016.
[22] Jang Yeo-gyoung, "Information Communications Technology and Cyber Rights, Korea Human Rights Foundation," Repression of Daily Life and Human Rights of Minority, Saram Saenggak, p.625, 2000.
Among the commuters whowelcomed the movewasIndian expat Saram Mughal, 29, who travels the Red Line from Union to GGICO daily.
Jack Steadman, Nash's Bombay bandmate produced the song, while subsequent live shows have Suren de Saram, also of Bombay, playing in the band.
15) Maghaami: Nefrine kasi oftadeh poshte saram? RT: Has anyone cursed me?
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 19, 2016-Everest names Sanjoy Mukherjee and Andrew Carrier as successors to Mark de Saram at its Bermuda and European operations
And Suren De Saram from the band is looking forward to some laid-back festival fun.