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SARDSustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
SARDSigma Advanced Racing Development (racing; Japan)
SARDSudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration
SARDSystem Architecture and Requirements Definition
SARDSubstance Abuse Rehabilitation Department
SARDSection of Agriculture and Rural Development
SARDSelling, Administrative, Research and Development
SARDSpecial Airlift Requirement Document
SARDStroke and Related Disorders
SARDSpecial Airlift Requirement Directive
SARDSlow Acting Anti-Rheumatic Drug
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Address : Kscste Sard, Department Of Physics , University Of Kerala, Kariavattom Campus, Thiruvananthapuram
Sard was earlier Chief Executive Officer of Santander Insurance Services in the UK.
The SARD Corporation was established in 1985 when the racing division of Sigma Automotive Co.
The need to understand these implementation issues have been prioritized by SARD and therefore SARD is currently supporting a S-CDTA to assess the status of institutional capacity for implementation of environmental and social safeguards in ADB-funded infrastructure projects in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.
Tenders are invited for Providing LWSS to PC Hab Sard Dogri Kurna Sleti in Tehsil Dehra Distt Kangra (SH Excavation laying Jointing, relaying & testing of G.
Description: The TA focuses on strengthening the capacities of key government agencies to address gender concerns in the planning, development, and implementation programs and projects to reduce gender disparities and increase gender equality results in SARD operations.