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SARDASearch And Rescue Dog Association
SARDASociety for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (Hong Kong)
SARDASmoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (Canada)
SARDASecretary of the Army for Research, Development, & Acquisition
SARDAState And Regional Defense/Disaster Airlift
SARDASolar Array Retention & Deployment Assembly
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Sarda relies entirely on donations to fund training.
Sarda Wales has around a dozen fully trained dogs that can be called out for a rescue, but Rob says they're always looking for new dogsbodies to help with young dog training.
A jubiliant Sarda told Gulf News: oIAEm on top of the worldo.
CLASS ACT: Yvonne Owen is leaving Roscoe school behind to become a sheep farmer; FOND FAREWELL: Yvonne Owen is waved off by former pupils and their children, from left, Kirstin Farrar and Adam, five, Mandy Sharp McStravock with Sarda, six, and Farrah, four, Nicola Brown with Sam, seven and Jack, nine, and Jennifer Jones with Passy, four, James and Tom, both eight Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY/at170707bretires
L'edizione di un classico in lingua sarda e sempre un evento da salutare con piacere percho conferma la continuita d'interesse per la letteratura che ormai da vari decenni viene curata, promossa, riscoperta dopo essere stata relegata nella penombra del colore locale e nella categoria della produzione "dialettale," che e come dire produzione di qualita inferiore e dilettantesca.
5681303) * The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts/ Jabal Luweibdeh: The silver works and sculptures of Octavio Sarda are currently on display at the new building of the National Gallery.
He was a great ambassador for Sarda and a lovely dog.
Sarda recruited Brazilian babe Raica Oliveira, the sweetheart of Real Madrid's Ronaldo, to strut her stuff.
We will be focusing on the southern region this year to increase our market share," said Sandeep Sarda, COO, Shalimar Paints.
Marisa Sarda (Post, Jun 8) calls for the establishment of a regional assembly on the grounds that it will improve Midlanders' access to information, currently being denied to us by a Prime Minister who condones his ministers lying to the public, misleading their own backbenchers and denying journalists and the Parliamentary Ombudsman access to information.
Editing -- Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn, Marie-Christine Sarda, Atanarjuat
com comes in tandem with a growing acceptance of alternative lifestyles in the region, according to Alejandra Sarda, of the San Francisco-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.