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SARESpamassassin Rules Emporium (gaming)
SARESimulating Accelerator Radiation Environment
SARESistema Auxiliar de Radioaficionados de Ejército (Argentina)
SARESustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (USDA)
SARESistema de Apertura Rápida de Empresas (Mexican government)
SARESustainable Agriculture Research and Education (est. 1988)
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fr/en Like every Basque town, Sare has a fronton - a high open-air wall for a fast ball game called pelota.
Proper consideration should be given by both bodies to the maintenance of this intermediate sare service.
The company administer insurance policies sold by Phones 4U and sare responsible for claims.
Ciprian Deac, Adam Vass, Bakary Sare and Ronny were left out of CFR's European squad.
The SARE grant is giving us an opportunity to explore the opportunities that this native species affords us and potentially create a system that can produce an inexpensive feed for our poultry while helping us meet our zero waste goals through compost development," said Halford, the farm's office manager.
Several hundred beekeepers as well as several jam and oil companie sare expected to benefit from the Italian donations.
Turkish foreign minister's spouse Sare Davutoglu and European Union minister's spouse Beyhan Bagis was among the guests as well.
Hukumat k lie hue itne sare qarzon ne maishat par bohot ziada bojh dal dia hai.
Attendees at four recent regional agritourism workshops -- funded by USDA Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) -- expressed considerable interest in learning how to use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and other new tools.
The outlet will feature eight luxurious treatment rooms for double treatment, nail treatments, body massages, body scrubs, skin sare facial treatment as well as lipomassage, an LPG patented massage technique through mechanotransduction.
There Sare no other fights in the heavyweight division that people could even be remotely excited about other than me and them.
M& Sare always going on about how green they are, but in their new cafe all the large opening windows remain closed tight while from the high ceiling huge air conditioning units blast out the usual draughts.