SARFTState Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (China)
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Zhanf Hongsen, counsel and deputy director-general, Film Bureau, SARFT, said: "Dubai's Media City and Studio City have proven to be very impressive.
SARFT will also supply NBC with 52 Chinese films to be aired every weekend on primetime slots and /or agreed upon slots.
Fang Li, producer of Lost in Beijing, edited the screenplay for sensitive content before submitting it to SARFT in order to increase the chance of approval for a production permit.
Bi Yantao, head of the advertising department at southern China s Hainan University, said SARFT had implemented the measures because the number of advertisements shown during television dramas had become "intolerable".
To facilitate greater exchanges between filmmakers from both countries, SARFT Film Bureau and MDA plan to embark on a regular China-Singapore Film Festival Exchange.
As being one of the very few companies that own the complete set of licenses to operate legally on the Internet in the PRC and has not violated any intellectual property rights, VODONE will benefit from the implementation of the Internet regulation announced by the MII and SARFT stating that starting from 31 January 2008, companies that perform businesses related to in-house content/programme production and video streaming on the Internet, without the required licenses, would be forced to close down.
SARFT Director Wang Taihua promised to "provide a favorable environment for the innovation of Chinas cartoon industry," by increasing the daily broadcast ratio to 7:3 for Chinese-made cartoons and foreign product.
The SARFT approval, together with the trading of CCCI's common stock in the US, provides CCCI with a favorable advantage in access to foreign capital.
Star Group said last Friday that it anticipated a conclusion to be reached soon for its discussions with SARFT, China's broadcasting watchdog, and China International Television Corp.
Many of the new requirements are already covered in laws concerning national security,'' China Daily quoted one SARFT official as saying.
Films will continue to be pre-screened by officials for approval before being released, allowing the SARFT to exercise the right to make last-minute changes.