SARFTState Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (China)
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Zhanf Hongsen, counsel and deputy director-general, Film Bureau, SARFT, said: "Dubai's Media City and Studio City have proven to be very impressive.
SARFT will also supply NBC with 52 Chinese films to be aired every weekend on primetime slots and /or agreed upon slots.
Bi Yantao, head of the advertising department at southern China s Hainan University, said SARFT had implemented the measures because the number of advertisements shown during television dramas had become "intolerable".
To facilitate greater exchanges between filmmakers from both countries, SARFT Film Bureau and MDA plan to embark on a regular China-Singapore Film Festival Exchange.
SARFT followed these closures with a rigid new set of restrictions on TV talent shows.
Interestingly, the longer it takes SARFT to vet and cut a foreign film after its international release date, the more time that offers movie goers time to pick up pirated copies of the movie, usually on the streets.
At the announcement of the launch of the triple-play service initiative, Wang Xiaojie, director general of the Science and Technology Department, SARFT, listed the acceleration of the digitisation of cable-TV networks and the rapid development of HDTV and HD VoD (video-on-demand) among the key tasks to be fulfilled in order for the triple-play service initiative to come to fruition.
These two events are supported by SARFT and Singapore's Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts.
In the absence of clear direction, SARFT is allowing cable operators to upgrade their networks into high-speed two-way communications networks.
This is good news to China's CMMB industry, and aids in promoting CMMB even beyond China, to other countries," said Sheng Zhifan, Director of Science & Standards Division, Science Department of SARFT (China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television).
SARFT, the state-run agency responsible for censoring TV, films and other forms of entertainment, is one of the most controversial topics in China.
Now Certified by SARFT, DOCSIS-based Broadband Technology Brings Delivery of Fast, Reliable and Interactive Triple Play Services to Subscribers