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SARGSquid Analysis Report Generator (Internet software tool)
SARGSmall Arms Readiness Group (US DoD)
SARGShelter Animals Rescue Group (Oak Ridge, TN)
SARGSyrian Arab Republic Government
SARGSystems Architecture Research Group (University of Kent; UK)
SARGSouthwest Anthropological Research Group
SARGSynthetic Aperture Radar Guidance
SARGSearch Argument
SARGShooter Adjustable Rotary Grip Knob
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We are avengers who fight the institution of slavery wherever we find it," said Small Sarg, "in whatever way we can, and for the both of us it is symbolic of our time in servitude and our bond to all men and women still so bound.
Tasweek will in turn prepare proposals for potential investors for SARG's products and services, provide development and financial management services for projects or contracts derived directly or indirectly by SARG, and create joint ventures whenever contractually required outside of the UAE.
Kein Antlitz in einem Sarg hat mir je gezeigt, dass der Eben-Verstorbene uns vermiss.
There was evidence that local police and other SARG officials did not respond aggressively to these incidents.
JB told Sarg to stay put since his knee was messed up, and then turned to me and said, "Here's the phone, you look like you need to stay here too.
30pm (free); Jug of Ale, Moseley 0121 449 1082: Sarg ent.
seeing "an undulating mass of naked, male bodies, spread wall to wall"; in "The Tale of Dragons and Dreamers," the lovers Gorgik and Small Sarg, one of whom must wear the iron slave collar, "a symbolic distinction between slave and master .
Gorgik is, in fact, only able to perform sexually when either he or his partner wears a slave collar, a fact that is a point of contention between him and his young, barbaric lover Small Sarg.
Unable to find information, she asked Sarg about it.
Under the terms of the pact, Sarg will offer turnkey architectural consultancy, engineering and project management services to Tasweek's clients and partners.