SARIFScholarly Activities Research Incentive Fund (Tennessee)
SARIFSukarami Research Institute for Food Crops (Indonesia)
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SARIF was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between David Sarnoff Research Center and Steve Hix, to manufacture small high resolution active matrix LCDs for use in projection and head mounted applications.
SARIF has designed these products and established its manufacturing capabilities to support system manufacturers in the computer, business projection, medical, military, video products and entertainment markets.
providers of computer-based presentation projection tools to businesses worldwide, announced today a strategic partnership with SARIF Inc.
CONTACT: Mark Dustan of SARIF, 360-992-1290; or Fred Wahlstrom of
The financing brings the total amount raised by SARIF since it was founded in 1994 to $18.
SARIF is developing a family of polysilicon LCD's utilizing proprietary technology licensed from Sarnoff Corporation.
SARIF is bringing to the market higher resolution technology, a unique low mask count manufacturing process and, by aligning with NWL, the production capacity to capture a significant share of the rapidly growing polysilicon LCD market.
SARIF selected NWL as foundry partner due to NWL's ability to rapidly transfer a unique process, demonstrated yield capabilities and competitive volume manufacturing capability.
SARIF is very pleased with NWL's ability to rapidly transfer and manufacture our unique polysilicon active matrix.