SARIMASouth African Research and Innovation Management Association (est. 2002)
SARIMASouth African Risk and Insurance Management Association
SARIMASeasonal Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average
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In the SARIMA modelling followed in the study (Box et al., 2008), at each time instant t, there is a set of values that the series can assume and with which the possibilities of occurrence are associated.
A hybrid SARIMA and support vector machines in forecasting the production values of the machinery industry in Taiwan.
c) SARIMA forecast for PR cases with Ns1Ag positivity or antibody incidence (Fig.
The non-seasonal autoregressive and moving average terms accounting for the correlation at lower lags are used in SARIMA model.
In view of the need for KZN to enhance malaria control and elimination efforts and 'explore' the epidemiological potential of the SARIMA time series model in that regard, this study was designed to develop a SARIMA temporal model using long-term historical malaria case data and predict malaria monthly cases using R statistical software version 3.2.3 (R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Austria).
Any comparative evidence internal to the PT cluster that might hint at when the change from *sar(i)man > sarima and *w[a.sup.[eta]]ga > waga consolidated would bear on the time frame of PT-GYim contact--the later that occurred, the later the possibilities for initial contact and vice versa.
Forecasting tourism demand from ASEAN using SARIMA approach.
Como contribuicao, este artigo apresenta um estudo de caso com aplicacao de dois modelos para obtencao das previsoes individuais (SARIMA (1,0,01,0,0)12 e Holt-Winters (metodo aditivo) e tres metodos de combinacoes de previsoes (media aritmetica, regressao e variancia minima), em um estudo de caso em uma empresa do setor agroindustrial, discutindo os resultados encontrado com resultados previos expostos na literatura sobre o tema.
Shortly after, couple Hussin and Sarima Abbi shouted in horror when they saw their daughter, Nurmaida, a year and seven months old, dead with a bullet wound in the head.
While Elphaba is unable to resolve the questions surrounding the Grimmerie, Sarima, borrowing the sorcerer's words, manages to come much closer to the truth: "He [the sorcerer] said there was more congress between worlds than anyone would credit, that our world has attributes of his, and his of ours, a kind of leakage effect, or an infection maybe" (341).